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Here I shall have my feedback from any sales trades or whatever else happens on EGL sales, please leave feedback guys!


So I pretty much have this Live Journal now to be in the Lolita communities around here. I love lolita clothing and I want as much as I can get because well I love wearing it! I feel pretty and proud when I'm wearing Lolita clothing. I also love counter culture clothing in general I would say my favorite of the American cultures I like Goth the best. I like anime a lot and some of my favorites include Fruits Basket, Slayers, X, and Magic Knight Rayearth and many more. I'm a bit Yaoi obsessed. I'm in my last year of college and I went on my schools Asian term 2007. I was in Japan for a month. It was really fun! I loved every minute of it ^_^ My friend xonii18 and I went to Japan again the beginning of August 2009!